Denmark Surf Spots

Ocean Beach

This has been Denmark’s main surfing beach for many years with a fun peak right out front of the surf club. Also, depending on swell and wind conditions, you can get great waves around the bay.
With the inlet at Ocean Beach being manually opened up most winters [depending on rain fall] allowing the inlet to flow out to create waves.
Ocean Beach can only be gotten to by walking around the bay, hence NO CROWD factor, it works best on a north-westerly wind, but can get good conditions on northerly and westerly winds also.

Parry Beach

Approximately twenty kilometres from Denmark, Parry’s can get very good with easily assessable waves around the bay!! You can drive around the beach to surf and the sand is usually flat and easy to drive an SUV or 4 wheel drives.
Best on medium swell with West to North–West winds.

There are many other spots on the South Coast, that can all work on different days depending on wind, swell, tide etc., be careful surfing isolated spots on your own and always check out spots before paddling out and watch for rocks, rips. Friendly locals are good at sharing but show a little respect or you might be offered a knuckle sandwich, and of course, there is always our friendly locals ocean side [sharks].

Nice mellow south coast beach break



Traditionally summer is not the best for surf, because we mostly get easterly winds [onshore] and small swell.
But we have noticed the last couple of summers coping less east wind, which means better surfing conditions and consistent small to medium swell; perfect for learner and intermediate surfers.
Preferably early morning is the best time.


This is when you will see the South Coast in all its glory with North Westerly winds and consistent swell, there are many local beaches that turn on the great waves with not so crowded line ups.
Can get windless afternoons which add up to clean glassy waves.


Again this is a great time for surf mostly same conditions as autumn, but with the colder water and air temperatures, it makes surfing this time of year only for the hardcore. Bigger swells can limit surfing spots so you need to find protected spots.


This can get all the seasons! The start of spring still will get plenty of swells. But as we roll towards summer the summer pattern kicks in with smaller swells and easterly winds. Again early morning can be rewarded.

Very small man on a very big wave.